Welcome to the Unterrainer group

The terahertz region of the electromagnetic spectrum is a frontier area for photonics research.

This part of the electromagnetic spectrum has been less well explored and has been called the "terahertz gap" because of the lack of high-power, room-temperature sources and efficient detectors. The generation and detection of radiation in this frequency range is difficult. Scaling and extrapolating known concepts of the microwave or infrared ranges is, in general, not possible. However, solid state quantum devices, which allow the realization of quantum optical concepts, e.g. for lasers and photon emitters, are very promising radiation sources in the THz range.

Our research interests are

Semiconductor quantum structures for novel photonic devices Ultrafast lasers and terahertz time domain spectroscopy Two-dimensional materials and their interaction with light



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Welcome to our new PhD students Dominik Theiner and Michael Jaidl!


Congratulations to Marie Ertl, Simon Haberfellner, Michael Jaidl and Dominik Theiner for their successful master thesis defenses!


Congratulations to Simone Schuler for her successful PhD thesis defense!


The team of the photonics institute participated in the Krebsforschungslauf 2018!